Process of ASO

What is App Store Optimization and how does it work?

To attain user conversion, the process of (ASO) App store optimization is used so that primary app market’s search results for mobile applications are positioned properly.

Through optimization and relentless monitoring, this continuous process merges conversion rate optimization (CRO) and organic positioning. It also assists in downloads by converting visits, and places the app very high in the search result list under its maximum potential.

For the application to be in the highest position in a particular category and for large figure of installation and downloads, this system takes numerous variables into consideration, just like an SEO does.

Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store, iOS App Store, etc. are the various market places where the users can download the app.

It is a wide known fact that 65% of downloads are done through mobile market places, and a significantly smaller amount from the web. This is the reason behind creating a strong ASO strategy.

These are the key objectives and advantages of ASO:

  • It considerablydecreases the cost to attract new users, so it’s benefits you if are working on a lower budget
  • Produces free installations/download and uses keyword segmentations to gather quality users
  • Creation of app store ranking positions which are upheld by the main keywords in the project.
  • For your brand it brings the business.

Process of ASO

For storming past through competition, it is very important that your app is ranked very high on the app store search results. The logic is simple; more users will find and install your app, if they find you at the top of the result page.

The App Store Optimization process is broken down in two processes:

  1. On App Store Optimization

Keyword Optimization:

If you are successful in finding the finest keywords, which perfectly describes your app and its services, then you have a better chance in being at the top of the results when the user is looking for its desired app through those keywords. You also need to have a Meta description and an app title.

Asset Optimization:

To make your app look authentic and attain a top rank, it is crucial to incorporate best icons, screens shots and easy explainer videos. These are the supporting elements which may not look as important but they leave a huge impression on the store’s sorting algorithm for your application.

  1. Off App Store Optimization

Spreading the word:

You’ll have a better probability of a higher rank if you make a strong presence in your environment, send your app for reviews on technology blogs and make it accessible on variety of market places. The rest is up to us, we will start your app promotions through the use of social media, by creating an attractive page and a blog solely for the purpose of constructive advertising.

More Installations:

Last but certainly not the least, the number of your installations matter a lot, the greater they will be, the higher the ranking. For this we will collaborate with multiple groups, partners, users, forums and portal so there is a significant rise in your app installations.