Process of SEO

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization Process

It is very crucial to have sound knowledge on the entire process of an effective SEO campaign, before comprehending on an SEO project. We are here to provide you with just that by breaking and describing the whole process in five steps.

  1. Keyword Research and analysis

For optimization, research is involved in identification of set of keyword phrases. This identification is a time taking process and is vital in finding a decent group of phrases which satisfy these two points mentioned below:

  • Considerably less competition in search engines
  • Maximum use by searchers

Finding out the desired keywords in maximum used phrase is quite a simple and effortless process. You just need to write your targeted words or keywords in the online available tools and their result would contain all the aspects of the words searched in the previous months and the number of times they were searched in. It is highly likely that the maximum used phrases also have the maximum competition in the search result; this is not the best option for optimization. What you can do is look for a group of most used phrases but in minimum competition, according to the frequency of search results performed by the searchers.

Competitive Research

When you have collected the target keyword phrases successfully, an extensive competitive analysis of the test site is done with its online and offline competitors. SEO metrics is employed in this process which consists of Alexa rating, domain age inbound links, indexed content and social media. This will result in measuring the client site’s initial position compared with its competition and recognition of areas which requires precedence in the following work. If we take a look at an example we can observe that client’s site has 50% less indexed content if compared with the competition, which means that content building plays a very significant role in goal setting.

  1. Reporting & Goal Setting

Once the starting position of the site from competitor and target keyword phrases are selected, you need to know about the site’s starting position inside the search engine. This will educate you in particular areas in which you need to work on, and will give you a baseline from which you can measure the following campaign’s achievement.

It is crucial to get the right to entry in site traffic information. This will allow us to know how searchers are looking for and relating with the subject site. Most popular content, search engines, bounce rate, keyword phrases etc. are the significant things we’ll get to know. To make sensible online marketing decisions it is vital to comprehend site’s traffic level and the source of its referrals.

Goals are developed for the SEO plan; once you are done with producing an entire picture of site’s starting position. These goals are

  • Measurable
  • Tangled with particular business objectives of the site

Alongside reporting and follow-up progress, plan’s goals analysis and report progress is also being made simultaneously. If the results of the progress reports are not satisfactory, you can always make alterations in the SEO plan.

  1. Content marketing

The most essential and precious thing in the search engine is content. Text is adored by the search engine. We’ll see that high volume, high-quality content associated with the business will benefit you in the following ways

  • What is the reason for the user to stay and return to the same site? Their interest is in available high quality content, since they clicked on your page to look for relevant useful information in the first place.
  • You will get the advantage of presenting the search engine, the accurate content it needs. As it’s getting the additional information it will be transformed into rankings that they provide to the site for relevant keywords.

Please Note: The biggest challenge in SEO strategy is copywriting. Since the algorithms of the search engines which spider crawl the WebPages keeps on changing, your content in the website should be written according to that. Make sure that you write the content which is easy to read and clear for the people visiting your website.

  1. On-Page Optimization

Since the issue of adding high quality content is done and dusted, we will move onto on-page optimization.

Page Titles: It is very unappealing to just look at the company’s name or “welcome” on site’s title page. Make it interesting for the people visiting your profile and write some creative content. The searchers need to look at the targeted phrase and then you can go ahead and put in your company name.

Text-Based Navigation: Images can’t be read by the search engine. If you use images for site’s navigation system, you need to have a text-based navigation system, for the search engines to recognize the product related sub-pages and important services that your website offers.

Importance of Targeted Keyword Phrases: The search engine placement is influenced by the placement, and the significance given to particular keyword phrases in websites. It would be more benefiting if you place the keyword phrase on the site’s first paragraph with bold text and larger font size, rather than placing it on other paragraphs.

Sitemap:  You need to ensure that the site’s pages are indexed by the search engine, when they are combing through the intended website. All you need to do is put a text link of the sitemap on your main home page, and produce a sitemap which has a well-ordered list of links to every essential page on your site. This can be done by Google’s Webmaster Tools.

ALT and META data: For websites users these tags are not visible as they are incorporated into the site’s code.

ALT tag: When an image is described by a text, this is the tag used. They can sometimes be seen when you hover your mouse on an image. The placement of an ALT tag behind the company logo’s image is perfect for company’s name optimization.

Meta tags: These are lines of code present in the top section of your site’s code. Their purpose is to communicate the page’s subject content and relevancy to the search engines. It should be turned towards your benefit as the small description of your site in some search results is taken from the Meta description of the home page of the site.

Clean up the Code: Create an external file on which every page of the website is referenced; now the code on those pages should be cleaned from JavaScript-based code, CSS scripts and Navigation rollover scripts and the code taken out should be pasted in that file. This will increase the upward movement of content and site’s keywords, and their significance will be communicated to the search engines, to bring a significant rise in your site’s relevancy ratings. This is a very cheap and easy method to increase your search engine rankings by improving and refining code to text ratio of the page.

  1. Off-Page Optimization

Link Building or Back-links

If you want the search engines, and searchers to visit your website and find product and services just like yours, then you need to put new, high quality links to your site. Your site gets rewarded by looking at votes of your sites, which are made by Google while viewing links to your site. There is a selection of free online tools available on the web which will allow you to look at your link popularity. If you need information on inbound links to your site, then Google Webmaster will be the perfect tool for you.

Please Note: You need to be careful when dealing with free and low-quality link sites, as they provide no advantage whatsoever, but just lessens your progress and increases the penalties from search engines. To prevent that from happening we have extensive discussion sessions with our client to educate them on how to form their online scope and impact with new, high-quality inbound links.

Social Media

You’ve probably heard of the saying ‘fish where the fishes are’. This fits perfectly in marketing, where we will refer to the fish as rapidly increasing social media. Countless opportunities for dedicated and hardworking companies are generated, through online sharing via social media. We aim to guide our clients in creating a social media presence and have in-depth discussions with our clients on how to utilize the social media profiles for sharing content on the site with new, existing and potential customers at a maximum rate.